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New Automatic Boron Steel Disc Blade Production Line Start to Work

Writer:May SunSource:Ali Disc Harrow Number of visits: Date:2016-04-08 16:08
We invested more than 5 million for this new disc blade production line,especially for 38MnB5 boron steel disc blade.After half years test and repeating debugging,we get successful blade sample today.You can check the following picture,the hardness very uniform,for boron steel,hardness kept 50HRC,best hardness for boron steel,and only 1HRC tolerance.                                                                                              
Robot arm automatic loading,automatic heating,automatic pressing,automatic quench,automatic temper,kept the blade's toughness,elasticity,were resistance and also hardness.Also saved production time with high efficiency.   
This full automatic disc produce line will explain to you :
1.what is advanced? 
2.what is modern? 
3.how is a good quality disc blade come? 
Feel free to find me if you need this top blades!                                                      
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